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Some Background Information

RepealBill10.ca is an initiative to mobilize a unified force of concerned Albertans against Bill 10 and this kind of dangerous and draconian legislation in Alberta.

Why is Bill 10 Such a Problem? Isn't It Just About Creating Safe Schools for Everyone?

Contrary to the propaganda surrounding Bill 10. This legislation sets up many arbitrary and mandatory mechanisms that remove parental rights, divide the family and abolish democratic freedom.

    Why Should I Get Involved?

    The future of our education system (both in private schools and in homeschooling environments) is at risk...
    Even if you don't have school aged students in Alberta laws like Bill 10 are dangerous for everyone...
    Parents need to have the assurance that their right to raise and educate their children, and make parental decisions is protected...
    Educators need to be free to educate according to their constitutionally protected beliefs and core values...

Volunteer Information

Volunteer to be a member of the RepealBill10.ca Campaign Team


Why is this the Time to Act?

Bill 10 was just recently pushed through the Alberta Legislature and so the matter is still fresh on people's minds. If the legislation gets too entrenched people will be more likely to want to keep it in place because it's easy to do so.

Our Goals

We have a few goals as a group. Our first goal is to make as many people aware of the dangers of Bill 10 as possible before they find themselves before human rights tribunals or dragged through lengthy and costly court battles. Our second goal is to create a fund that can help protect parents against abusive behaviors that activists often engage in. Our third goal is to build a strong network of individuals, educators and organizations, that are committed to working together to keep Alberta free of anti-freedom legislation and punitive tactics.

Key Stances of RepealBill10.ca

Here is a list of the key positions and strategies of our joint initiative:

  • Parental Rights

    Bill 10 infringes on parental rights by not allowing parents to have educational choices that align to their core values and beliefs, and removes parental notification rights. On top of that Bill 10 has paved the way for more legislation and procedural mandates from the newly instated NDP government which put our children in danger.

  • Restoring Freedom

    By repealing Bill 10 we can send a message to those who would desire to subvert the Guaranteed Fundamental Freedoms of Albertan parents and educators, through imposing draconian legislation, that we will not simply lie down and allow the very government that was established to protect our rights to ignore them and to abuse them.

  • Freeing Educator's Conscience Rights

    Under Bill 10, educators are forced to support and promote events, organizations, and messages of groups and/or individuals that may be completely contrary to their religious beliefs and/or core values and convictions. This is completely unacceptable. An educator should be free to support what he or she chooses to support according to their own beliefs and values.

  • Local Meetings

    RepealBill10.ca will be promoting local meetings throughout the province geared at educating people on Bill 10 and at what needs to be done to repeal it.

  • Conference Calls

    RepealBill10.ca will be holding conference calls to help organize leaders and volunteers and to keep plans moving forward toward the objective.

  • Awareness and Petition Campaigns

    Awareness campaigns through marketing, social media, e-mail and town hall meetings will help people both get into and stay in the loop.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers relating to Bill 10

How can I help?

We need volunteers throughout the province for various positions. Please take a minute and fill out our volunteer form and we will get in contact with you.

Donate to RepealBill10.ca - In order to run a strong campaign, and to build a defense fund, we need a strong showing from financial supporters. Please donate any amount you can to help us to help Albertan parents and educators get back their rights and keep them.

I am a business owner, can I support the initiative and get a business write off?

Yes, we will have a section on this website dedicated to businesses that stand for freedom of religion, thought, opinon and expression as stated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If your business purchases a spot in our directory, then you will receive a business receipt that can be written off as a marketing expense.

When and where will the first meetings be?

The sooner we get volunteers and donations, the sooner we can have our first public meeting.

I am a pastor of a church, how can I help

Contact us using the registration form at the top of this page and let us know that you would be willing to put a notice in your bulletin, that you would be willing to host a meeting in your church, or any other help you would be willing to provide in order for us to stand together for liberty and righteousness in Alberta.

Some of our partners

Below is a list of current partner organizations that have been raising awareness on the dangers of Bill 10